These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

When starting Keona Fazoo, one thing that worked in my favor was that some of the supplies I needed to launch the business I already had. Here're some of my favorites:

Hal 3000 - computer

I think I considered this my first big "adult" purchase. I got my desktop computer in college after my high school Macbook decided it was done trying. I'm pretty sure this was the first year of Apple's 27" screens. After talking about how great it was for editing (and watching movies), a couple of my artist friends got them as well. Nowadays, Hal has seen better times and will likely be recycled soon, but we really had a good run. (If you're wondering, Hal 9000 is the name of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and this was my third Mac, so... I majored in Film Studies...)

DSLR (for product photography)

When I first moved back to NYC after a year teaching English in Korea, I was doing a lot of photography work (mostly restaurants) for travel sites. To do so, I used my Canon Mark ii, which I also bought in college (for a documentary project) and which is too now outdated, but at the time was cutting-edge because it could shoot pretty well in low light and record high quality video. They were selling it on the fact that an episode of House shot on it once. (Yes, I did say that it is now outdated, but it still gets the job done...)

Pastry Scale (for shipping, haha)

Photographing a lot of food product got me really into cooking, so there was a time when I used to use this to measure ingredients for making brioche and what not. Definitely not anymore; I can't tell you the last time I made anything extravagant. Buuuut, this pastry scale is great for weighing small objects (like cards) to calculate postage!

Muji Ruler (for folding paper)

While in Korea, I set-designed a production for Seoul Shakespeare Company. I hadn't planned on doing anything like that while I was there, so I didn't have any of my set design tools and had to buy new ones. I picked up this little stainless steel ruler from Muji for drawing to scale. Now I use it to fold paper. I like it waaaay better than a bone scorer. I don't think they make them anymore, so I am always sure to put it back in its place immediately after using it.

Ain Eraser

This seemed to be the eraser of choice for all my students in Korea, so when I was designing the set for the play, I decided to see what all the hype was about. Turns out, this is the best eraser ever. I've had this one for about five years, and it looks like there are years left in it yet...

And those are some of my favorites!