Our First Street Fair!

Earlier this year we participated in our first street fair as part of the Harlem Local Vendors Program. The fair was called the Shop Harlem Artisanal Fair and was run by Harlem Park to Park.

sample booth on my desk!

I'd never participated in this sort of thing before, so I spent a few weeks beforehand getting ready: figuring our how to accept credit cards, getting a NYC street vendor license, setting up a sample booth...

cart, all packed up

On the day of the fair, my biggest concern was how I would get everything to the location (this is NYC; I don't have a car!). I loaded up my granny cart, and then unloaded it item by item to get down the subway stairs, and then loaded it again, got on the train, then rolled to the location.

setting up

Once there, set up was pretty easy. Harlem Park to Park provided a table and linens as a part of our participation fee, so I simply recreated the table layout I'd practiced at home. I took a risk not ordering a tent (for an extra fee), but luckily it was a blue sky day. Shortly after I started putting cards on the table, I was joined by an amazing friend who stayed to help out.

other friends stopped by throughout. pretty windy, but thankfully nothing blew away!

Throughout the day, it was great seeing people react to the product, and getting to peep all the products other Harlem vendors were selling as well.

those subway stairs 😓

When it was time to wrap, I packed up and went home. (Carrying the cart up the subway stairs was not as easy as getting it down, but a kind New Yorker getting off the train helped out!) The fair was definitely a lot of work-- especially the no car part, but it was great to share Keona Fazoo with new customers, as always.

Until next time...