This week Keona Fazoo received its first order! It came as a bit of a surprise, being that we're technically still setting up shop, but was exciting none the less!

What was this order?

As an actor, when a show I'm in comes to the end of its run, I love to give out "Curtain Cards" — little hand-drawn doodles of my cast members and the crew. I like the cards because they give me a chance to reflect on the show and what I remember as unique about each person;  plus they're a nice way to say, "thanks, goodbye for now!"

Well, an actor who I worked with last year contacted me with a request for a set of cards for her cast. And there you have it! Our first order.

While the Keona Fazoo products in our store feature drawings and paintings that have been digitized, it was fun to kick things off the old-fashioned way.